100 lucky winners
Each of the winners will receive a “Japanese Black” beef present valued at 10,000 yen!!

Campaign Period: 16 Oct 2020 (Fri) – 14 Mar 2021 (Sun)

1st entry period 16 Oct 2020 (Fri) - 30 Nov 2020 (Mon)
2nd entry period 1 Dec 2020 (Tue) - 31 Jan 2021 (Sun)
3rd entry period 1 Feb 2021 (Mon) - 14 Mar 2021 (Sun)

*Entries prior to 16 Oct 2020 (Fri) and later than 14 Mar 2021 (Sun) will not be accepted.

People who eat Noto Beef at participating accommodation providers or restaurants in Ishikawa during the campaign period will receive an entry ticket to go into the draw to be one of 100 lucky winners of 10,000 yen’ worth of Japanese Black beef!
Eat, stay, and enjoy Noto Beef and Ishikawa’s attractions!

Campaign Entry Requirements

People who eat a qualifying product at a participating venue

How to Participate

  • Choose your preferred location from the participating venues listed on the campaign website.
  • Purchase a qualifying product at one of the participating venues (where you will receive an entry ticket)
  • Enter via the internet
    *Entry via post is also possible.
  • Japanese Black Beef 10,000 yen present (lottery)
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Campaign Venues (Japanese Only)

Why Noto Beef is so Delicious

Noto Beef cows are raised with great care in the beautiful nature of Noto, where salty sea breezes blow across rustic landscapes. The meat quality is characterized by its exquisitely refined fattiness. The meat’s softness and fragrance changes according to the percentage of oleic acid present within the fat. The higher the percentage, the stronger the “melt-in-your-mouth” sensation when eating. Noto Beef exhibited the highest percentage of oleic acid at the 9th Japan National Wagyu Competition (also known as the “Wagyu Olympics” in Japan), and won the Special Award for the quality of its fat.